24 March, 2010

Brave and the Bold #32 (Aquaman & The Demon)

Just like the comic, with the Atom and the Joker, this comic had a very unusual combination. Although unlike the Geek, or Hardwire, the Demon is not wildly unheard of. He was in Quiver and Swamp Thing. The combination was jaw dropping nonetheless.
The comic featured a random person who was unjustly thrusted into Aquaman and the Demon's affairs of keeping an unheard of horror arising from what is logically Hell.
Sometimes when I think of Aquaman I think of a useless man who dresses up in orange and swims around. This comic showed the true, raw power that is Aquaman.
"...He could control every creature that lives in the sea. But I don't think either of you know what that really means. Do you know, do you understand, do you have andy idea how much life there is in just one single square mile of the sea? I don't think you do."
I found that the Demon was underplayed in this comic, which I found disappointing. I do know that he was the minor or featured character in this issue, but all he did was say a few rhymes and spit fire at one guy. If they were to underplay one character, I was glad that it was the Demon. I am also glad that Aquaman has returned in his old costume. He went from his classic orange costume, to a "scruffy" guy. Never mess with the story too much.
My subscriptions renew dates all came up, and I canceled many things, like: Red Robin, and Batman and Robin, but there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to cancel this series. It is one of the better series that DC has, and it looks like it is only uphill from here.

Grade: B+
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