29 March, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #623

             The title Amazing Spiderman, had lost its "pizzazz," well I am happy to say that this issue made up for all that.  This issue is just Hell on earth, Electro braking the Vulture out of prison, Vulture hunting down people who he thinks deformed him, and Spiderman is stuck fighting a reality show wannabe named Simple Simon. Vulture is seriously messed up, he hunts down a man, and nearly eats him, but the almost entrée redirects the Vulture, saying that the person to blame for his disfigurement was J. Jonah Jameson. Of course, the new Vulture goes to his office and takes him.
            One thing that I like about this comic is that the tables have turned with Spiderman and mayor Jameson, now people are blaming him for the creation of not just the Vulture, but the Scorpion as well.
            The art in this comic is to be praised, it almost looks like the illustrator took a picture of the background and then drew in the characters. I usually thank the penciler for the art, but in this case it has to be the colorist, Andres Mossa is the best colorist I have ever seen.
              I hope the character Simple Simon returns. I don't want it to be even the Killer Moth for Spiderman, more like KGBeast, their but not constant. It would be cool to see a villain, who is villain just to be on a reality TV show. I know that the idea has probably been used before, but this character is just to ridiculous to pass on.
             The last person I want to thank, well actually two people, Michael Lark & Jodi Wynnee, the makers of the cover. It was simple, to the point and vibrant. What could be better?

Grade: B+
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