06 March, 2010

Green Hornet 1

Dynamite entertainment has been doing pretty well, with the Green Llama and their other superheroes and taking on all the old stories, and TV shows. They recently came out with a comic that I was very happy to read: The Green Hornet. I did not see the show when it was first on, but I saw re-runs a couple years ago and I was entranced. My only wish is that Dynamite would open up a subscription service so that I can read these monthly.
I did have a couple issues with this comic.
1) on the cover Kato looks like a woman
2) (spoiler alert) The main character is about to retire, IN THE FIRST ISSUE.
3) half the comic was a personal relationship thing (hold off until at least issue 4)
Other wise I loved this comic. It was funny, and the fight scenes were beyond intense, and well
choreographed. I do hope to see this comic series more and also that they fix the mistakes I
mentioned before.

Grade: B+
buy at: www.dynamiteentertainment.com/ www.mycomicshop.com

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