26 March, 2010

The Best moments of Blackest Night

11. Boston Brands body becoming a Black Lantern (Phantom Stranger: 42)
10. The battle between Parallax and the Spectre (Green Lantern: 51)
9. Johnny Quick running with his daughter (JSA Blackest Night: 2-3)
8. Blackest Night Shazam (Power of Shazam: 48)
7. Introduction of Lex Luthor to the Orange Lanterns
6. Introduction of Blue Lantern corps
5. Phantom Stranger: 42
4. Star Man Blackest Night (Star Man: 81)
3. The Introduction of Scarecrow into the Yellow Lantern corps
2: Green Lantern: 50
1: Making Sinestro as the White Lantern

Featured Moments:

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