08 March, 2010

Thor (Siege)

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. I am not a consistent reader of Thor so I was lost on some parts, for instance: who is who? But I know enough to basically know what is going on. This story is what so many people have been waiting for, the coming of Ragnarok. Loki was perfect in this comic, I was happy to see he returned to his role as a man, and his costume restored. I don't like it when they mess with the stories to much. [examples: turning Loki into a woman, firing Peter Parker] Surprisingly there were no fight scenes in a book about the gods of Azgard dying. But Kieron Gillen made up for that by making the part about Volstagg next to brilliant. Like an issue of Action Comics, there is not much I can say about this comic that would not be a "spoiler." I will say this. It was a very good comic, even if you don't like Thor, or even if you don't like Marvel, read this book.

Grade: B+
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