01 March, 2010

Captain America #603

The story of The Two Americas continues in this fantastic issue. One main thing that popped out was the fight scenes. While being intense, and realistic, They were quick, and didn't force you to skim over any dialogue. Often times when I fight scene/ conversation goes on for too long, I will skip a word bubble that seems not to important. I did not have to do that with this issue.
Pencil artists are highly praised, as they should be. But in this certain series (mainly the covers) the person who really deserves credit is Dean White, the colorist. His smudgy style on the cover and crisp style in the book, goes together in such a way that is impossible to describe. Of course there would be no comic at all (or at least a bad one) if it weren't for the writer, in this case Ed Brubaker did a remarkable job describing what was going on inside the mind of some one who was so fascinated by Captain America, that he had plastic sugary to make himself look more like Steve Rogers.
The book had many interesting minor plot twists, and was filled of action packed scenes, that I might have to hunt you down if you do not buy this comic.

Grade: A-/ A
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