06 March, 2010

Blackest Night: Green Lantern/ Green Arrow

The first thing that pops out at you, even when you just look at the cover, is the coloring. It's hard to describe, kind of like smudged charcoal. I like it.
The next best thing is the story. It is Green Arrow, possessed by a Black Ring, and of course Green Lantern fighting him. On a side note: Green Lantern and Green Arrow have been teemed up allot, and the only reason
is because of the word GREEN but I think they make a good team up that's interesting to read about. Especially here. In this issue it shows what happens to you when you become a Black Lantern. While Green Arrow's "Black counter part" was fighting Green Lantern, and the entire Green Arrow family, he was spilling out secrets. He was trying to fight his "counter part" from "the inside out." As well as he was trying to silence his tung.
In most comics the writing is not great, but not bad. This one had great writing. It captured the voice of all it's characters, and was worded well. Over all I would say that this is a great comic.

Grade: B+
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