23 March, 2010

Detective Comics #'s 861-862

I know I have said this before, but I don't read Detective comics that much, especially now that Bruce Wayne is gone. I loved these two comics. Batwoman is a better character than I thought she was. She ventures
around Gotham University trying to find the Cutter, a man who is running around cutting off parts of faces of girls that attend the University. I was disappointed with the "obsession" of this villain. I have seen this plot before. I'm going to guess the future ending.
His wife or girlfriend died, possibly because of him. He was traumatized, went mad, and is now trying to make a new woman.
While Batwoman is trying to find the next girl that was captured by the cutter, Batman is doing the same thing. Listen, I know Bruce Wayne is "dead" or at least not Batman, but I couldn't tell if this was Bruce Wayne or Dick Grayson. (It was never specified)
The art in this comic was done in a "sketchy" style, not to heavy, but not to light. It was almost perfect. The writing in these two books was also well done, it showed the intelligence of the characters while not missing the, almost Brooklyn feeling of Batman. It also fetured some dificultees with Batwoman and her family. Unlike Spiderman, the comics are not completely built around the personal life. I do know that is most of Spiderman's schpeal, but it is still over done. Greg Rucka did a great job deciding, what was too little, to much, and just the right amount.

Grade: A-
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