01 June, 2010

Justice League #45 and Kingdom Come

                Okay, I just noticed something. I just read Kingdom Come yesterday, and I saw some similarities between this and Justice League #45, and Red Robin.
This comic is supposed to take place in the future, ok cool, but in Justice League #45 at the end Alan Scott looks kind of like Parallax, and when I read KC he was wearing the exact same thing. Also Red Robin existed before Chris Yost, Dick Grayson is Red Robin in the future. So that makes me wonder... is Alan Scott going to do something bad while being possessed by the Starheart? If he does will he go into exile?
               And will something happen to Drake, so when Bruce Wayne comes back Grayson will take over the role as Red Robin? My theory is that all of recent comic events are just leading up to Kingdom Come.
Oh... Magog, will he turn evil? These are all thing recently happening in the DCU, and it is very suspicious.

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