16 August, 2010

Birds of Prey #4

            I loved the first issue, thought the second one was okay, I didn't care for the third issue. It has been starting in the middle of a series all over again, not because someone had all the data on everyone (although that doesn't help) but it was revealing Black Canary's identity. They did it to Green Arrow and I hated it, and not they did it to Black Canary, what's next Superman gets revealed as Clark Kent? I was very exited for this arc to end, but I was disappointed that it is continuing for a couple more issues.
            In this issue Black Canary is fighting White Canary, usually I would hate this, but they were talking and thinking during the fighting and that made the difference. Meanwhile Savant is trying to kill himself by jumping off a cliff, but Oracle is holding him. And in yet another place Penguin stabbed Lady Black-Hawk and is having a stare down with Huntress. White Canary's Identity is revealed, (no spoilers) a secret about Savant is let out (I loved this one) and does Lady Black-Hawk make it to the hospital?
            First off I have to say that I really enjoyed that Hawk was berly in this issue, because he was stabbed. I hope he leaves the Birds of Prey somehow, I know he wont die, but maybe this is the motivation to make him leave. Ed Benes did a unbelievable job on the fight scene between the Canaries, he has done a good job before, but this time it was fantastic. The best part of this issue had nothing to do with Black Canary, or even White Canary. It was completely Savant and Oracle. The part where he is off the edge and Creote is just watching because Savant made him promise, (even though that isn't very original) was outstanding. That could have something to do with that secret that I mentioned earlier, but I think it would have been good either way.
            Overall I really liked this issue, it was much better than issue two and three, and maybe even the caliber or issue one. Art was good, story was good, characters were good, it revealed some cool things. (and that was good) So how could this issue not be a good comic. The only thing that I'm marking this issue down for is that the arc isn't over, but I have a feeling that I'm going to like the second story arc very, very much.

Grade: 9/10
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