13 August, 2010

Secret Avengers #3

           I have been very exited about this series, it has worked past starting in the middle and became a really good story. Even though I would have liked to see Nova on the team, and not a crazy, possessed, all powerful being.
        In this issue Ant Man is hiding, Moon Knight and Black Widow are unconscious, Valkyrie goes down fighting Nova. Finally Steve Rogers is with Beast and Archon. (A robot/human that was designed to keep an evil thing in side of Mars) Archon goes down to fight Nova.
         Okay so this was a pretty good issue, the problem was that nothing actually happened in this issue. All that happened was that a couple more characters went unconscious. I was also disappointed that Archon got beaten up really fast. His whole purpose was to fight these things, and one punch blew him up. I at least wanted two or three pages, but whatever. I really hated that monologue in the beginning. It was like that awful monologue in Superman one, with Lois Lane "Can you read my mind?" Brubaker couldn't decide weather to make him sound very poetic ("I am a speck on a mote of dust in the eye of a storm") or to sound like a rookie. (" Freaking out... Freaking out...")
         When I saw issue one I was very exited about Nova and Ant Man, one was turned into a different character, and the other is being undermined and practically excluded from the series.
           So this issue was... dull, there is no other word for it, it was just boring. And it highlighted the worst parts about this series, I will probably still keep reading, but I hope it doesn't continue down this path.

Grade: 5/10
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