01 August, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #3

          This series has been okay, I expected it to be really good, but my expectations have not been met. Again it is that same scenario that I've recently talking about, and that is starting in the middle of a series apposed to giving to readers some "okay they're back" time. In Birds of Prey it was revealing Black Canary's secret identity, in X-Men it was bringing the vampires out too early, in the Legion of Superheroes it was Earth-Man and on top of that Earth-Man's choice, and then even after that, the destruction of Titan. However I do like that Levitz has made you hate, and then sympathies with Earth-Man in two issues. (and enforce in the third) I also like that Saturn Queen is back. If Levitz had done the destruction of Titan and Saturn Queen coming back, then tackled Earth-Man, I would have been much happier. But Levitz is doing a pretty good job with a mediocre story. In this issue Earth-Man is forced by his ring to go to a swamp planet (which I am assuming is OA) and is fallowed by members of the Legion, Saturn Girl meets up with Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass and they are all looking for the boys, and finally Ultra Boy, Phantom Girl and several others are battling it out with Saturn Queen.
           Like I said before, Levitz is doing a fine job with Earth-Man even if he brought him out too early. I really like the idea of no Green Lantern Corps and the visual effect of OA as a dead planet. Plus the politics in this series is great. I'm loving the discrimination against the refugees from Titan and how everyone is afraid. It is really like segregation just in a SCI-FI sort of way. This is the best issue in the series so far, but not by a lot. This series shows much promise and I love what Levitz is not only doing with the Legion and all the Legionaries, abut also the entire futuristic world that they live in.

Grade: 9/10
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