03 August, 2010

Superman #701

           This is my 100th post. YAY!
            I love the series Brave and the Bold, and I love J. Michael Straczynski. I even loved the Superman series when Superman wasn't in it. But when you bring Superman back and add J. Michael Straczynski you get a fantastic story about Superman and his morals. "Grounded" is a story arc about Superman walking around the world fixing everyday problems for people that he might have missed before, he isn't fighting Lex Luthor, nor is he reversing the earth's rotation. He's helping someone fix a car, or fixing up a bad neighborhood. I've been talking about that starting in the middle of a series thing a lot now, and usually that is true, even though Superman is anything but a new series I was expecting something like a fight with Lex before something like this. But I like this a lot better. The idea that he's just going around being a model citizen is really good. That is a huge part about Superman, the fact that he never lies and is just an all around good guy. Before this issue that was best shown in Superman the movie, but this took it to a whole new level. Especially the scene where he talks down someone who is about to commit suicide, he doesn't swoop up and grab her, he just talks her down. This shows his good side even more, and just proves that he isn't just raw muscle.
           Before when I just heard the plot of "Grounded" I was really worried, I thought there is no way that Superman is just going to walk across America in his first story arc back. But then I read the comic, and I would be content with exactly that happening, I mean there would have to be some twists along the way, but for the most part this is pretty good. This issue has gotten mixed reviews, some people think it is boring, some think it is okay, and others think it is absolutely fantastic and belongs in a museum. I thought this issue was superb. I was not expecting this at all. You have to read it to know what I mean, a description will make this issue sound really boring, but it's actually going into the box where I keep all of my favorite comics. So the classic Superman is back, and Straczynski is doing a great job with him.

Grade: 10/10
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  1. I couldn't agree more, this was an excellent comic, one of my favorites and I hope the arc continues to be this good.