10 August, 2010

Avengers #2

          I know that I'm expected to talk about starting in the middle of a series, but this time I think the story arc works perfectly with the beginning of the series. It brings the Avengers together and brings back one of their old villains. (Kang/Immortus) So even if the first issue wasn't my favorite, it at least it started off the series in away that I like.
          In this issue the Avengers draft Noh-Varr (AKA: Marvel Boy) to build a machine that lets them look into the future, once it is done and the Avengers gawk at it for a little while it starts to break, and then goes out after seeing Elder Hulk's face. Then Wonderman comes in and wrecks up the place, and it ends with Apocalypse appearing with his horsemen, who all look like Avengers. (or former Avengers)
          This is like last issue, it's okay, it's okay, and then the last page is great. I love Apocalypse, he's fantastic, plus I'm loving the futuristic, Avenger horsemen. I also really like Wonderman, not loving  what Bendis is doing with him, I want him to be on the Avengers, and I hope after this arc he will be. Plus he beats Thor around, and I know that Thor would beat him.
         Anyway, John Romita Jr. is doing a great job as usual. I didn't like him much because of Kick A**, not because he was bad, but because I hated everything about that book, but he is doing a more than superb job in this book, every panel is flawless. I don't like Maria Hill much, she is just a filler for a leader in this Avengers series, when Iron Man is doing the job and pushing her into the back. I hope that Bendis finds a way to get rid of her. So this issue is really good, and it looks like this is going to be a solid series.

Grade: 8/10
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