20 August, 2010

Captain America #608

          I know I missed the last issue, but it was Amazing Spiderman and Captain America, I just couldn't think of anything to say about those issues. These past couple arcs have been big ones in the world of Captain America, with killing someone who looked exactly like Steve Rogers, almost watching Falcone die, and then attacking police officers. (see last issue)  I've been so happy with Brubaker , I've been beyond thrilled with Guice. I love this series.
         In this issue some new Beetle attacks Captain America and Black Widow, which of the Beetle loses. When she's being interrogated she reveals that she knows that Cap is Bucky. Then the media gets hold of it, and the fact that he was the Winter Soldier. Later of corse, Black Widow figures out that Zemo is behind it.
           I'm very, very exited about this arc, and the next couple arcs after this. I really want a "Bucky on the run" kind of thing. Like Batman and Spiderman when they are hated by their cities. I really hope that Brubaker doesn't make this a dream or something, or have this solved by just fighting Zemo, or just accepting it. I want a little, not knowing what to do. Otherwise this would just be a waste. I'm usually one of the people always to complain about people revealing secret identities, and this is one of the only times that I've been really happy about it, and seen potential for success not disaster, so I really need this to be good. I really have to complement the art again. It is amazing, it works perfectly with the somewhat dark nature of the series, and, well... Guice can just draw.

Grade: 9/10
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