19 August, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #639

               I know I never reviewed Amazing Spiderman number 638, but I am going to review this issue and just touch on the previous one. One Moment in time is just going back to see what happened on the day that Peter Parker and MJ Watson, and what did MJ say to Mephisto? The previous issue was cool because they used parts of the issue where they did get married and tied it together with what happened in this new reality. I really didn't think much of the earlier issue, it was just another comic to be filed away, and thats probably why I forgot to review it. But I really liked this one.
               Opposed too just the endless doubts that Parker had, this focused more on what actually happened, MJ and Parker are talking about what happened and how unmasking was the worst thing that Peter ever did. But the main thing that got my attention in this issue is when aunt May got shot and then started dying in the hospital. That is what effects a good seventy percent of the grade, that moment was one of the most powerful moments in comics.
               If Amazing Spiderman ever reverted to what it was like in the seventies and the eighties I would be very happy. I did like that this issue show cased one of the things that was really revolutionary about Spiderman when it first came out, and still later into the Bronze Age, and that is Peter Parker's life is just as interesting as Spiderman's. A lot of the time when I'm reading a book, I'll just sit there and wait for the person to get dressed up and start fighting villains again, but Spiderman was supposed to be enjoyable even during the times when he was a photographer.
           I have had my troubles with this series before, like SHED, I hated SHED, but this story arc has so much potential, and fallow through that this might be a long term great thing. When it ends I hope that effects the series and puts it back in to the state it was in, in the Silver and Bronze ages.

Grade: 8.5/10
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