03 August, 2010

Detective Comics #867

               I wasn't going to by this issue because of the art, but a friend of mine convinced me to pick it up. I didn't see the writer until I got home and started reading. I have liked David Hine recently, mainly because of his work with Arkham Asylum and the Batman villains, (like I have said countless times before) which is my favorite part about Batman and maybe the whole DCU. (I do like it for countless other reasons, but this is a big part or it) In this issue someone has been making a Joker gas knock off that is only temporary but is addicting so the victims use it again and go on crime sprees. It is revealed in this comic of who is responsible, but this is not a spoiler blog. At the end after many fights with these "Jokerz"  someone makes an imposter Batman and tells people to grab guns and go kill the impostors.
           I really liked this issue, even the art. (After reading it you relize that the art works with the story) I like the idea of the knock off Joker gas, the problem was that is the second time I've seen that in just a few short months. In April and May Batman comics had a "copy cat villain" who went around killing people just like the Batman villains do, and eventually he sprayed Riddler with a fake Joker gas. So DC should have picked one or the other, and they should have picked this one, this story was much more exiting, intresting and compelling than the other.
           I did like how the Joker gas didn't just infect street rats, but instead infected even model citizens. It makes the story much more dramatic and emotional. So overall I liked this comic a lot, there were some not so good moments, but there were a lot of very good moments that made up for those, this arc looks very exiting and I really want to see where it is going. I also wonder if this arc is going to be just another story arc or will affect the DCU even more. It's a long story arc, so I hope it affects something.

Grade: 8/10
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