28 August, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #640

           This series is exactly what Spiderman is supposed too be. His personal life is just as interesting as when he is Spiderman. That is the main reason I love this arc. When I go back and read Amazing Spiderman from around the 70's and the 80's I am entranced throughout the entire thing. Everything is there, what his problems are, his alibis, and just events in his day to day life that some how are just interesting. Recently when I read many comics  (not just Amazing Spiderman) I have found myself skimming the comic until the person is dressed in their costumes. I am now happy too say that the past couple issues where Peter Parker has barley dressed as Spiderman and I have read and enjoyed the entire thing.
         In this issue, Aunt May is at the hospital, alive due to Parker in the last issue. MJ and Peter are both pretty shaken up by the whole attack. MJ gets a call from her aunt saying that someone might be in her house. When she gets there her aunt is unconsciousness on the floor and a man (working for King Pin) looking over her.
         The art is extraordinary, after I read the comic I went back and just looked at all of the panels. It did improve the comic a lot. I can't stress, that this is how Spiderman was supposed to be written, enough. I'm just very happy too see the series revert back to where the series was in the 70's and 80's. The story was good too. Just like in the last issue it was powerful, and entertaining. That is a combination that is hard to find in a comic but when I do find it I get very exited and I talk about it as I'm doing now. In this issue there was another shocking thing at the end of the issue that was one of the better parts of the comic, and of course set up for some more great issues. These next couple issues are going to change the world os Spiderman as it is right now, and I'm glad too know that at least it's a change I like, and happened in an arc that I liked.

Grade: 9/10
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