09 August, 2010

X-Men #1

           I absolutely love the X-Men, I love the idea of them, the characters, just everything about them. I also liked the Death of Dracula one shot. I could see why putting them together would be appealing, but this is another case of starting in the middle of the series. (I'm sorry that I mention this a lot, but it will stop after the first story arcs of all these new series end) Marvel should have held off doing this until around the fourth or even fifth story arc. Just not right away. I am happy to see that Marvel is bringing Blade back. I've never actually read a comic about him, but the idea of him always was cool. (and the movie was pretty good) In this issue (what I think I'm right in assuming was) a vampire walks into the middle of a out door restaurant where Jubilee was having lunch. He takes off his coat and explodes, getting blood all over Jubilee and everyone around her. In the infirmary the Doctors find out that Jubilee is showing signs of becoming a vampire. This is after she explains what really happened, how there was no bomb. Wolverine goes to investigate, he finds a warehouse of sleeping vampires and starts to fight with them.
           When Jubilee says "There was no bomb. He just tore off his coat and his skin started sizzling." How did Cyclops know that it was Sun Light, stranger thing have happened in the Marvel Universe, but Cyclops knew that "Flesh...burns in day light" Instead of oxygen, or he took some chemical. Other than that my only complaint was starting in the middle of a series, but I already went over that . I loved the art, and the writing, and the fight between the vampire and Wolverine was done really well. I thought the suicide bomber thing was perfect, it modernizes the vampire and makes it less swords and steaks but more like a terrorist organization which is perfect for what Marvel is doing here. I was a little disappointed not to see Janus in this issue, but he has to turn up sooner or later.
             So this issue is not what I expected, but it was still pretty good.

Grade: 7.5/10
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