24 August, 2010

X-Men #2

                The first issue of this series didn't really impress me. When you put the title X-Men, it better be good, okay is not good enough. I really wished that Marvel would have held off on the Vampires for a couple story arcs, just introduce the series, then do something shocking and huge, like the Curse of the Mutants. It is starting in the middle of the series all over again. I promise I'll start talking about that as soon as all these new series get into their second or third story arc.
                 In this issue, Colossus, Wolverine and Storm go off chasing a vampire trying to bring it back (alive) so that Dr. Nemesis can find a cure for Jubilee. When they find a clan of vampires Blade jumps in and kills all but one. Later in the issue Jubilee runs off to Xarus, and the X-Men find that the vampire population is growing, rapidly.
                 I love Blade, I think it's great that he's in this series. I've heard that some people are upset that there wasn't actually a fight scene like the cover suggests, but I didn't mind that. It could be because I'm so happy to see Blade that I'm okay without a slugfest. But mainly I think I'm fine with it, because it really doesn't matter. The cover is there to advertise, and this looks a lot cooler then Wolverine shaking hands with Blade.
               Gischler did a great job with making the characters sound like them selves, especially Colossus. He made him sound Russian enough without over doing it. It was a little thing but for me it made this issue more enjoyable. One thing I really like about this issue is how Blade describes the political aspects of the vampires. How he explains that Xarus is more dangerous because he was able to unite all of the sects under one banner. I know that is just another little thing, but this issue is full of just really little good things, that when added up make this issue pretty good. Add Blade and you got your self a great issue. So I'm happier about this issue, but I still think Marvel can do better.
                 I just am wondering one last thing. Where is Janus during all of this? He was the main character in Death of Dracula, and his story was left at a cliff hanger, so where is he. He hasn't found the X-Men yet, or Xarus, I just want to here something about him, but at least it gives me something to look forward too in future issues.

Grade: 8.5/10
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