05 August, 2010

The Flash #4

         This series has been decent so far. Not great, but not bad, it''s just enough to keep my interest. This is one of those series that I have been referring too when I say they "start in the middle of a series" I've always liked Barry Allen, I still do, his villains are one of my favorite villains in any of the  comic universe, I just wanted some introduction in this series. Opposed to some life changing thing. In this issue the Flash starts fighting Captain Boomerang, and saves some people from the destruction caused by the fight. The Renigades step in and start fighting Boomerang as well. Commander Cold goes one on one with Digger and the Flash has to step in and save him. Seeing that, the Top (the one from the 25th century) tells the Flash about the future. Why he kills Mirror Monarch, and what triggers it.
         I hate it when an entire comic is just one huge fight scene. Most of this comic consisted of people fighting each other. I can understand some fighting, I mean they are Superheroes, but does Johns really need to devote an entire issue to just a random brawl. I will admit that the fight scene was very well done, and drawn beautifully by Francis Manapul. The things about the future were pretty good, it made scene, but the Top just telling the Flash the future seemed pretty rushed and not thought out. It does open up the opportunity for some really good future issues. Even though this was my least favorite issue so far in this series, it was still well done. I was disappointed that this issue was just a fight scene, but it was one of the better fight scenes that I've ever seen. Plus it got me very exited for the future issues. So this is still one of the better series out there.

Grade: 6.5/10
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