07 June, 2010

Brightest Day #'s 1&2

                Several people don't like the Brightest Day series. I respectfully disagree. I'm not saying OMG this is the best comic series I ever read. No, but it's pretty good. The first issue starts with the Atom trying to split Ronnie and Jason apart. It is painful for everyone, but at least it works. (since the comic is separated into sections, so will my review) We then see an average family playing rock band, when the mother starts killing them all with a kitchen knife. Her skin then falls off revealing that she is some kind of alien. After a short intermission where you find that Hath-Set made plaster molds of the Hawks faces, it goes to Martian Man Hunter who is standing over  Saul Erdel's (the scientist that brought him to earth) daughter. He disguised himself as Saul and asked the daughter (who is old now) what she remembers about the Martian. She said that they (the Erdel's) had been obsessed over a project like this before, but when it had horrible results her father kicked her off the project and continued until that day Martian Man Hunter came.  After that Deadman's ring brings him right in front of the Anti Monitor.
                The scene where the mother killed her family was so sad, and so well done. Every part of it, the look on the children's faces, and what they were saying. It was flawless. So was the part with Martian Man Hunter and Erdel's daughter. The gentleness shown on the fathers face was outstanding. Even what he said was outstanding. So Johns, Tomasi, Reis, Syaf, Clark, and Prado all did a fantastic job. Although the Artists made the scenes more effective than the writers did. Also the Atom's flame proof suit was also so cool. When he ripped Firestorm's atoms apart, he had to wear that. The scene was cool to, this comic really was good.
              The second issue picked up where the first one left off. Deadman is up against the Anti Monitor with a ring he doesn't know how to use. All of the sudden the right pulls Deadman's arm up and blasts images of all who have been resurrected into the jest of the Anti Monitor, but when he tries to attack again the ring doesn't work. So he falls to earth. The ring then kicks in again and makes a safety net for him. The comic then goes to Ronnie and Jason in the hospital. Both still have hard feeling toward each other. Jason also has a dispute with his dad about going home, or staying and researching. Jason picks research. You then see Mera and Aquaman. Aquaman accidently summons a dead killer whale who comes up and grabs him. Then you see Martian Man Hunter examining all the bodies from the mother alien thing. He gets all the information when he taps into the brain of the dog. With a little tampering he makes it so that the dog does not remember what he saw. Then the comic goes to Hawkman and Hawkgirl when they find that Hath-Set has collected all of their bones from past lives.
               I didn't like this comic as much as Brightest Day #2. I really just want to know what is going on with Deadman, also in this comic there was no explanation for what just happened, things just happened. I do expect the next issue to explain a couple of things, but I really wanted the next issue to focus on other characters that returned. But now I need and explanation.

Grade #2: 9/10
Grade #3: 4/10
Average: 6.5/10
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