27 June, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #633

                "SHED" is finally over, thank god. This is one of the worst story lines I've ever seen. It messed up one of the better Spiderman villains there is. Zeb Wells killed off the best part about him, and that was his alter ego. Connors is dead, why? Why would he ever do that? I understand he is trying to leave his mark on the Marvel universe,  but don't deface villains. Anyway this issue concluded it. The Lizard, who has mind powers is making everyone act like a lizard, so Spiderman drinks some of Connors' formula so that his mind didn't get (for loss of a better word) foggy. So he runs up and stabs the Lizard with Connors' formula and makes him relies (mildly) of what he had done, and made him more human. Then something weird happens to Aunt May, she starts yelling at Peter, then it went away. Then a couple of people walk down into the sewers, turns out a couple of people were still under the Lizard's control and he's keeping them as pets.
               When Lizard took over people's minds they became very Walking Dead Esc. They would wander around and bite people. I'm no zoologist but I don't think lizards walk around biting people. So he made a world of really messed up lizards. Other than that this was a  beat 'em up comic. Again it is understandable because this is a final issue of a story arch where the problem is a villain, but I still would have liked to see something more. In Justice Society of America #39 the plot was to kill and escape, but the thoughts of Mr. Terrific were poetic and made the comic more interesting then several pages of fisticuffs. It was kind of  cool when the Lizard zombies were ripping Spiderman suit apart they showed his web shooters, and that was kind of cool but the rest of the comic was just plain, old fashion bad.

Grade: 4/10
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