04 June, 2010

Joker's Asylum 2: The Riddler

                My favorite hero is Batman. I do like the character, but what really gets me are his villains. I love them, absolutely. My favorite of course is the Joker. So naturally a series about his villains narrated by my favorite one appealed to me. I read Joker's Asylum one, and it was okay. This one was very good.
In this issue the Riddler is in the middle of stealing a painting (this is before he became a private eye) when a girl says "What do you think you're doing?" Riddler begins to fall in love with this girl. But then of course, there couldn't be a story with a Batman villain, without the Batman. So Batman brakes in and stops the crime. Riddler finds out who this girl is via the internet. Her name is Jessica Duchamp. Riddler sends her all sorts of gifts, but she is a respectable girl and sends them all back. So Riddler tries to reform, this still doesn't work. Villains come to his door asking for help in various plots, he turns them all down. He sits and drinks his passion for this girl away. Some undefined guest shows up at his door. We do know he or she is a villain of Batman's, we do not know his/her identity (I have a guess: Black Mask). So he/she goes to her and makes her pretend to fall in love with Riddler. He thought he had cracked the riddle of her heart. Turns out he was in love with the riddle of why she didn't love him, not the girl him self.
            In order to keep the guest's identity secret, Calloway made many villain visit the Riddlers door, he mastered the voice of all of them. It was perfect. Harley sounded like Harley, Bane sounded like Bane. The only voice he didn't get quite right was the voice of the narrator, the Joker. There were some on and off moments, sometimes the voice was good, sometimes it wasn't. I also didn't care for the plot, but the ending made it all worth it. Lastly the cover art made the riddler look like a different crazy then he is. He is an intellectual who is obsessed with riddles, not a... a... just look at the cover and you will know what I'm saying. So I was happy with this comic over all. I'm very exited for the next Joker's Asylum 2 books coming out this month. Killer Croc, Harley Quin, Mad Hatter, and Clay face.

Grade: 8.5/10
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