05 June, 2010

The Flash #2

              I used to love Geoff Johns, especially his previous works with the Flash, but Brightest Day is just okay, Blackest Night was just okay. I'm starting to like him less. This issue was just another one of his just okay comics. In this issue the Renegades (a police group from the future who's names and costumes are based off the Rogues) are trying to arrest the Flash for murdering Mirror Monarch, which he has not done yet. After running away something in the Renegades technology malfunctions and sends them back to their time. But the after shock blows up a building. Flash saves everyone in it, goes to the library, finds out how to build a building, and builds one, all in the blink of an eye. The comic then goes to Iron Heights where Captain Boomerang is being kept. He is on his way to a check up when Captain Cold comes and freezes the guards. "You need to prove that you're still a Rogue. This time you brake out of Iron Heights yourself, then you make the Flash sweat." Then the comic goes back to Barry Allen, at police headquarters they found blood on Mirror Monarch, so they scan it and find that the killer is Barry Allen.
            Like I said, this comic was just okay. A couple things really stood out to me. I liked the whole learn how to build a building than do it part. It was just so... Flash. I also liked how the story wasn't too complicated. Several authors create too many sub stories, so that eventually you can't keep them straight. This issue was simple and enjoyable. Also the set up for the next issue is going to be good (I know this is going to sound like a contradiction of keep it simple) you have the Renegades, and Captain Boomerang. That has to be good. Not too complicated, but kind of. I didn't like how nothing happened in this issue, it took one whole issue to find one thing, and that one thing was already known. Barry Allen is the killer, we knew that, we didn't need a complete issue to explain that to us twice.

Grade: 7/10
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