18 June, 2010

Captain America #606

             A while back I published a post called "Marvel's Blackest Night." This post was all about how marvel needed to fix its self, they needed away to put all the teams back together, to edit some characters and to un-edit some, possibly even to delete some. (Red Hulk) In that post I thought Siege was going to be "Marvel's Blackest Night" apparently I was wrong, now it looks like it is going to be the Heroic Age, although this comic didn't really address that. In this issue Bucky is upset about last story arch (see my previous Captain America reviews)
- Bucky "He's not the first person I've killed and he probably won't be the last."
- Falcon "Probably the first that looked just like Steve an' wore his uniform."
Bucky was acting reckless during fights and was just in an all around bad mood. Those quotes were taken from and intervention that Steve and Falcon were having because of Bucky. Meanwhile Baron Zemo is running around recruiting people and learning Bucky's weakness'.
         I've always liked Baron Zemo from the old comics, so I'm glad that he's back. Even if he isn't the same one, I'm glad some version of him is back. That was really the only good thing about the story. The rest of it could have been done in five pages, instead of doing that whole Bucky is distant bit, I would have rather seen more Baron Zemo or just have them make the story different and hopefully better. There is one thing about all Captain America comic (in the past couple years) and that is the art. It is always outstanding. There are a couple panels with Zemo in the rain that could go in a museum of art. But this time it was even better, not because of the panels but the cover was amazing. There are not words to describe how good it is, so you'll just have to look. (see picture) I hope that Marko Djurdjevic stays on Captain America cover art, because this is more than worthy of and Eisner award. There has been no better cover in the past two years. (If you disagree send me a picture of a better cover in a comment)
        So overall not a horrible comic, just Ed Brubaker had been doing so well with the "Two Americas" thing I just hope the next couple of issues are better, but I'm concerned he is going to drag out this Bucky upset thing for another couple of issues, which I do not want.

Grade: 5/10
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  1. Not sure what you could mean by 'things Marvel needs to fix,' 'unediting' or 'deleting' characters, but that is more DC's angle than theirs... unless we're talking Spider-Man, of course.

    The original Zemo has been dead for a very long time, actually. The Two Americas story wasn't a subpar story line in the end, but it's good to see Brubaker using it in the new story No Escape.

  2. I know about Zemo, I'm just glad a Zemo is back. I did think that incorporating the Two Americas story line into No Escape, but I think that Brubaker just wasted most of an issue on Bucky's emotional distraught state, when he didn't have to spend that much time on it. I would have preferred a new story line, opposed to a continuation of the old one.