20 June, 2010

Joker's Asylum 2: The Mad Hatter

                Again, I love the Batman villains, absolutely love them. So Joker's Asylum is perfect. Of all the villains that  Joker' Asylum has done this is by far the most unknown. In this issue Jarvis Tetch is psychologically weak, and was trying to stay on the strait and narrow. If he wore hats or drank tea, he would probably go back to his murderous ways. So he goes along stalking a girl that works at a convenience store. She looked like Alice and Tetch wanted her to be Alice, he doesn't know her name. After a while a being really creepy and stalking this girl, he starts to write a book about him marrying her and living a happy life. He then goes to talk to the girl (buy something at the convenience store) and he finds that her name is not Alice, since he had got himself so worked up about this girl that he went insane. He drank the tea, and wore the hat, he took over the girl's mind and started to have a tea party, when of course Batman came and stopped him.
            So the art was bad. I wasn't rolling on the ground crying because of it, but it bothered me. I wish Bill Sienkiewicz did the art. (He did the cover) Also, the Mad Hatter is a noteworthy Batman Villain,  Landry Quinn Walker did do a good job of including that he fallowed someone, but she made him seem, not like he was obsessed with Alice and Wonderland, but it made him look like a pervert. I did enjoy one or two things about this book. Walker did a good job of making the Mad Hatter sound as if he had been written by Lewis Carol, I thought that was cool. I had gotten exited about the 2010 Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, because I thought it would be creepy, and a creepy Alice and Wonderland would be pretty cool. I was disappointed. This comic was creepy and sort of Alice and Wonderland, so I sort of liked it.  So the Mad Hatter was messed up, the art sucked, the story was just about  the Mad Hatter which was messed up. What a shame.

Grade: 3/10
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