06 June, 2010

Birds of Prey #1

          I had always know that this team existed, but I never really knew anything about them. I knew enough to understand this comic. The issue starts out with Black Canary and Lady Black-Hawk rescuing a child from in Iceland from a guy named Chasco. The comic then goes to Oracle who is calling all of the former members of the Birds of Prey together for some unknown reason. Huntress and Black Canary both get to Oracle, but Lady Black-Hawk goes to a bar where Hawk and Dove are. They have  just taken out a group called the "Sick Cheerleaders." (yah it's exactly what it sounds like) Later in the comic it makes it pretty clear that Lady Black-Hawk recutted them.
              Anyway, Oracle is explaining to Huntress and Black Canary that someone has files on every one. They don't know who possesses them, but they are in existence. "He knows when and where my dad takes his morning walk... Says he's going to kill one of the names on these files every hour until we stop him." When they go to confront this enemy, they find that she is already threatening Penguin. When she sees that the Birds of Prey are there she stabs Penguin in the neck takes Black Canary and Huntress down. She is then revealed to be a villain by the name of White Canary.
            Really, Gail Simone couldn't think of a more original name than White Canary? Otherwise this comic was really good. The fight scene at the beginning with Black Canary and Chasco, was so cool. Although in most of the comics I read someone gets punched in the nose, and it always looks the same. I doesn't matter who punches whom, it always looks the same. Lastly, I don't like Hawk being in the Birds of Prey. They are one of the best Girl teams, with Hawk that just ruins it. I understand Simone only did it because she wanted Dove, but it would of been interesting to see Dove with out Hawk. It's not like they are bringing in Green Arrow, Question, Nightwing, and one of the other Black Hawks. No Dove can live one series without Hawk. I can also tell that the DCU is trying to make Hawk the equivalent to the Punisher, but they're trying to hard to make him gritty, it seems forced and stupid.

Grade: 9/10
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  1. I liked the book also, but I'd like to suggest that you get some of the books from the previous series. I think you'll like them. At about issue #65, I think, Gail Simone took over on the scripts. There were some good stories in the beginning of the series, but I think it got better after that.

  2. How are the stories Written by Tony Bedard?

  3. I love Tony's work. I think he's a great writer, and does a fantastic job with team books. I really enjoyed the whole series. I just thought it got more interesting after Gail took over. I think she's a great writer also.