04 June, 2010

Bruce Wayne Returns #'s 1&2

              Popular consensus was that this series wasn't any good. I really thought they were wrong, I thought this series was going to be really good, Bruce Wayne returning, Grant Morrison, how could this go wrong. It already started with an advantage (at least for me) because I really want Bruce Wayne to come back. But these comics were really disappointing.
The first issue is set in the time of the cavemen , for some reason there is a rocket stuck in the ground with Superman's cape in it. Eventually someone throws a rock in a cave, this makes Bruce Wayne come out. None of the Cavemen can speak well, except one named Boy. Batman can't speak at all. Eventually a tribe who is lead by Vandal Savage comes out and starts to attack the tribe that is looking after Batman. The "Savage tribe" defeats the Batman tribe and takes Batman prisoner. Boy dresses in a mask and goes to rescue Batman, once rescued Bruce Wayne and the Bat tribe defat the "Savage tribe." When running away Boy and Batman have to jump in a lake, after doing so Batman winds up in the same spot, just around the time of the Salem Witch Trails. It also happens that Booster Gold, Superman, Green Lantern, and Rip Hunter are all looking for Wayne, and they arrived just after Bruce left.
           When Bruce Wayne came out of the cave, I was so happy. As you may know I've been waiting for this ever since Bruce Wayne "died." However the rest of this comic was a let down. I was disappointed that nobody could speak, not even Batman, and the scene with the cavemen introducing themselves went on for way to long. This is one of the only comics I struggled to get through. I love the Idea but the comic its self was really bad.
           In the second issue the time period is during the Salem Witch Trials. Superman, Green Lantern, Booster Gold and Rip Hunter are still looking for Wayne and they go to this sort of... Library of time thing, that is supposed to blow up the time stream, it's very confusing I had no Idea of what was going on. Down on earth Wayne woke up in the same spot just with like Kraken like thing attacking him, after Batman goes unconscious, he wakes up in a small house which belongs to a girl who has necklaces with Wonder woman's and Superman's logos on them. Batman is going by the name Mordecai (he still has no idea of who he is) who was apparently in this town from Boston to help "root out witches." Then the story goes back to the Logo Girl, who is apparently a friend of nature. I did like the next part. Batman is standing to have his portrait done, it is the same picture that Dick Grayson will investigate later. But some angry town people come and show him the Kraken which they keep calling a dragon. Back at the Time Library the evil librarian turns out to be Bruce Wayne and if he goes back to his own time period he will "kill every one." On earth  Wayne is going to the lake to fight the Kraken when the girl tells him that he is not Mordecai but just some other guy that appeared, then Batman gets sucked in to the lake and he wakes up on Black Beard's ship.
           Confusing right? So was the comic. The only thing that was good about this comic (besides the picture) was the fact that I'm one issue closer to having Bruce Wayne back. The plot was so confusing and all of the characters look the same, I counted to see how many pages were left in this book, this is slightly worse than Justice League #45, and I didn't think that was possible.

Grade #1: 5.5/10
Grade #2: 0.2/10
Average of #1and2: 2.85/10
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  1. For the record dude, it's Rip Hunter that's with Booster, GL and Supes, not Max Lord.