06 June, 2010

Detective Comics #865

                At the comic store I had to decide between this and Gotham City Sirens. I made the wrong choice. This comic was only okay, but because its prequel was so good it was a massive disappointment. After killing his beauties Jeremiah Arkham blames Batman for not stopping him, only then  did he find out that the beauties were only a figment of his own imagination. He had been delivering food to and visiting an empty room. He then resized the knife he used to slaughter his beauties was actually the Jester's marotte, it was completely filled with the false face  gas which was slowly going into Arkham's system. Also the Jester is just one of the Joker's games. Once finding this out, Arkham goes to the hospital section of Arkham, where Alice Sinner changes sides again. Also Mr. Zsasz goes into his room and threatens him, but Arkham removes his eye with a knife. Then there is more Alice Sinner stuff, then it ends.
              So now Black Mask is back (at least probably) and Alice Sinner is evil again. So everything done in around five comics  has been undone in one disappointing issue. Hine was doing so well, and now, not so much. I do hope he redeems himself very soon. Jeremy Haun was good until he showed the Joker who he made look really old. Although he made up for that when he showed Hugo Strange, who was drawn just perfectly. The main disappointing thing was the undoing of much story development. I do wonder if Mr. Zsasz is going to have one eye missing in other comics or if it was just a one time thing. I do hope it will appear in future comics.

Grade: 6/10
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