28 June, 2010

Invincible #72

                 I think this is the first Image comic I've ever reviewed. Any way... I had read one or two Invincible comics before, and I thought they were okay, but this comic went above and beyond the call of duty. The only thing I had read by Robert Kirkman before was Walking Dead. I loved the first volume, it was edgy, but not forced edgy. It wasn't like Kick A** where Millar tried to be shocking, no it was sincere. That changed in volumes two and three and they got bad. So I decided not to buy the rest of the volumes. So I had my doubts about this comic. Luckily I was surprised to find that this was fantastic. Even though this issue was just a massive battle scene (which I usually don't like) Kirkman made the characters speak... eh... think in away that was very entertaining. I also found that when I looked at a panel, like the one where Oliver runs out of oxygen I found myself clutching the sides of the book to see what happened next. Usually that doesn't happen in a comic, probably because when you turn the page you see a tiny bit of everything on the next page. But Kirkman managed to do it, and well. There was one panel that I have to mention, if it were in any other comic, I would probably be complaining about it, but it was another thing that Kirkman did very well. This is the scene where Nolan is saying that he is proud of Oliver. I usually hate when the fight scenes pause and some characters have a heart to heart talk, but in this scene (probably because the whole issue is a fight scene) I loved it.
                I also have to mention another skill that Kirkman possesses. A skill that I admired even in Walking Dead vols. 2-3, his ability to kill off characters. It alway makes me sad. When Conquest shoved his hand through Mark, one it kept me on the edge of my seat, and two it filled my with grief. This issue did what every issue tries to do. It got me hooked on the series, next time I'm in a comic store I'm going straight for Invincible. I know I say I'm hooked to allot of series, but I'm series this time. So expect Invincible #73 on Comic Review Warehouse.

Grade: 10/10
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