05 June, 2010

Justice Society of America #39

                This story arch has been great, I  loved it. It has been sad, happy, secretive ect. All the good things that a comic nerd could ever hope for. In this issue it shows how the "no power" shield thing, gets pulled back every so often so that the "Super Nazis" can take over the rest of the world. One day the R.E.B.L.E.S and several members of the Green Lantern corps (including Kilowog) tried to attack when the shield was down, it was immediately put back up and they all fell to earth, dead. That makes Mr. Terrific angry and all the locked up superheroes rise up, some teams go on escape duty. They all die. Some go to shut down the shield generator, Mt. Terrific gets their. When he is at the controls he suddenly stress' out and I think he forgets the sequence. Then it flashes back to Mr. Terrific in a hospital bead, and Dr. Midnight saying that he is dead. TO BE CONTINUED.
             Again I love this story arch, but it has been going on for way to long, just end. If it doesn't end next month expect a rant on my blog. I did like this comic a lot, but I really wanted it to be the concluding issue. Although I suppose that they are trying to get it so that they can continue the series, with more than one character, so that's good. Also this is the only monthly issue of a Superhero comic that has made me sad. Just watching all the heroes fall down dead is just plain sad. But that is another thing that makes this arch so great.

Grade: 9/10
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