08 June, 2010

Brave and the Bold #34

                This comic featured the Legion of Superheroes and The Doom Patrol. I usually rave over this series, but not today. I waited over a month for this issue to come out, and when I got it, I had high hopes. Yet again I was disappointed. Lightning Lad comes back from patrol and says he sees a Black Hole which is coming towards earth. The legion gets out just in time, and goes back in time to get help, so that they can destroy the black hole. They needed someone with energy projection capabilities. Saturn Girl goes into her database and finds the Doom Patrol. They fly back to Legion time and Lightning Lad and Negative Man use their powers to stop the black hole.
               That entire story could have been done in five or so pages, but instead Stracznski decided to fill 22 pages with useless story. I suppose this could work because there were some unsolved mysteries in this issue, and this is a two part Brave and the Bold, which I haven't seem in a while. That is the only big complaint I have, but it makes sense. If you are going to write a 22 page comic, you better have the story to fill it. This comic was a great ad though. I now really want to read Doom Patrol comics. Negative man seems too cool to pass up, and Robotman was hilarious. I could want to read Doom Patrol because the they are very similar to the X-men (whom I like a lot) which were created around a year later. I also have to point out a flaw in the coloring. For a couple panels Saturn Girl's costume became pink. What really made that stand out is that she was pointing something else out that was pink, and told Cosmic Boy: "It is your color" while she is warring the same color. I like the Legion, but in this issue Doom Patrol was the better feature. I do not have high expectations for Brave and the Bold #35 which features the Legion of Substitute Heroes and the Inferior Five. I am very exited for Brave and the Bold #36 which features Adam Strange, and Lois Lane.

Grade: 7/10
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